Guitar Recordings | Songriting | Production | Mixing

I help artists and producers with guitar recordings, co-writing, composing and music production. I love professional working with creative musicians in many genres such as Rock, Indie, Alternative, EDM, Singer-Songwriter, Schlager and Classical. Contact


The Rasmus (Edel Records), Warner Music, Cartoon Network, Andreas Zaron (Palm Records), Frank Fischer (Lou Reed), Masterfon Publishing,, Jutta Weinhold (Zed Yago, Udo Lindenberg), Katriana, Vision-First, Tyron Watzinger (Tonezone), The Klang (Thomas Wolter), Schmidts Tivoli Hamburg, Andreas Becker (Peter Maffay Band), Staatstheater Hamburg/Opera Stabile, Katriana, Jerzee, Hellsbelles AC/DC Tribute, Upsession (Betsy Miller Band), Declan Galbraith Stadtheater Hildesheim, Staatsoper Braunschweig, Studio 1, Vanessa Maurischat, Con Brio (chamber music), countless Top40- and Coverbands and many more…