Guitar Recordings | Songwriting | Music Production

I help artists and producers with guitar recordings, co-writing, composing and music production. I love working in many genres such as Rock, Indie, Alternative, EDM, Singer-Songwriter, Schlager and classical music. Contact


The Rasmus (Edel Records), Warner Music, Cartoon Network, Andreas Zaron (Palm Records), Frank Fischer (Lou Reed. Cafe del Mar), Masterfon Publishing,, Jutta Weinhold (Zed Yago, Udo Lindenberg), Katriana, Vision-First, Tyron Watzinger (Tonezone), The Klang (Thomas Wolter), June Lavonne, Schmidts Tivoli Hamburg, Andreas Becker (Peter Maffay Band), Staatstheater Hamburg/Opera Stabile, Katriana, Jerzee, Hellsbelles AC/DC Tribute, Sonja Gründemann (Project), Upsession (Betsy Miller Band), Jane o Brian (Project), Declan Galbraith, Stadtheater Hildesheim, Staatsoper Braunschweig, Studio 1, Vanessa Maurischat, Con Brio (chamber music), countless Top40- and Coverbands and many more…