Guitar Recordings | Songwriting | Production | Mixing

I help artists and producers with guitar recordings, co-songwritings and production, especially composing unique Toplines/Hooklines for their projects. Furthermore I create beats, sounds and string arrangements. I’m an expert in digital audio music production and I’m trained as a audio engineer. I love working with creative people as much as in personal union in my studio, where I create music from the idea to the finally mix. Feel free to contact me for professionell collaboration.

  1. Sync / TV composition, co-production, all instruments 0:18
  2. Schlager co-songwriting 0:33
  3. Alternative/Folk/Country composition / production / all instruments 1:29
  4. Commericals composition / co-production 0:04
  5. Electronic composition/production/all instruments 0:31
  6. Contemporary Classic composition, classical guitar 1:07
  7. EDM songwriting, co-production, vocals, all instruments 1:02