SHEE-WA is a multi-genres guitarist, composer, producer, singer, recordings artist, mix engineer and music coach. She works out from her studio in Hamburg, Germany.

With over 50 releases as a guitarist, songwriter and producer, SHEE-WA has collaborated with The Rasmus (Edel Records), Warner Music, Andreas Zaron (Palm Records), Frank Fischer (Lou Reed, Café del mar), Masterphon, TV-series „Topfrocker“ by Carton Network.

SHEE-WA has played more than 1000 international gigs and shared stages with many well-known artists, theaters/musicals and countless cover bands from rock to classical music.

Shee-wa startet her professional music career in the 90th. After she studied classical vocals and classical guitar, Shee-wa graduated from the „Popular music“ (HfMT Hamburg) and attended lectures of Musicology (University Hamburg). She was one of the first professional female guitarist in Germany and she is the founder of her own guitar school.

In 2008, SHEE-WA graduated as a yoga teacher and started the project Erdton. Two more albums followed and the track „Die Reise“ reached over 100.000 streams.

With the 2020/21 song collection, SHEE-WA shows a versatile and previously unknown artist personality. She recorded, remixed and produced self-composed songs from the last twenty years to bring it in a current mood.

„First comes the song, then the artist. The artist serves the music“ Somewhere between rock, indie-pop and electronic, there is no fixed genres. „That would be too boring for me“