Guitarist / Composer / Producer / Engineer / Music Coach

Shee-wa is a multi-genres multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter, composer, producer, mix engineer and music coach. She works out of her studio in Hamburg, Germany.

As a guitarist, songwriter and producer, Shee-wa can be heard on over over 60 releases. She has worked with The Rasmus (Edel Records), Warner Music, Andreas Zaron (Palm Records), Frank Fischer (Lou Reed, Café del mar), Gerig Publishing, Jutta Weinhold, Cartoon Network and musicians of the Jazzkantine.

Shee-wa has played more than 1000 international gigs and shared stages with many well-known artists and theater projects from rock to classical music.

Shee-wa startet her music career in the 90th. She was one of the first professional female Rock- guitarists in Germany. After she studied classical vocals and classical guitar, Shee-wa graduated from the „Popular music“ (HfMT Hamburg) and attended lectures of Musicology (University Hamburg).

Shee-wa is the founder of TONHELDIN Recordings and music coach of her own guitar school LINDENSTUDIO. She supports female musicians and was a lecturer for Niedersächsische Frauenmusiktage, LAG-Rock, FraMaMu Zürich and more…